Many years ago I watched the Lord set a woman free from severe demonic oppression.

As I prayed with her, I was impressed by the Holy Spirit to instruct her
     to confess her sins to the Lord,
          which she did;
     To thank Him for the forgiveness
He had freely given her,
     which she did;
And to thank Jesus for His Precious Blood
He shed on her behalf.
     This she did also.
And as she lifted up her voice in praise and thanksgiving
to the Lord Jesus for His Precious Blood,
     she was given an open-eyed vision.

She described what she saw:
     The nails in Jesus' Hands
          and the Blood flowing down.
     The nails in His Feet
          and the Blood flowing down.
     The wounds on His Back
          and the Blood flowing down.
     The crown of thorns on His Precious Head
          and the Blood flowing down.
     The gash in His Side opened by the Roman sword
          and the Blood flowing down.

     The Holy Spirit showed her the Blood
          The Precious Blood of Jesus
               The Precious Blood of God.

Very soon after I was saved I became consumed with a passion to understand the Atonement. I spent hours every day, for a couple of years, studying the cross of Jesus Christ. I cried out to God for revelation about it, and in the course of time the Lord opened up the truth. This book is the fruit of that time. It was originally written in 1982, under the title The Precious Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ - God's Redemption of Men. Now I have re-written it for the purpose of presenting it to a larger readership than that for which it was first intended.

The importance of understanding the Atonement cannot be overstated. The cross of Jesus Christ is central to everything, to all history. There has never been, and never will be for all eternity, an event of greater consequence than the death of Jesus on the cross. Neither will there ever be an event of greater glory.

Yet few Christians know the power that is in the shed blood of the Lord Jesus. In this book I shall cover the doctrine in a systematic and comprehensive way.

It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will be pleased to take these words and use them to bring many of His people into a deeper revelation of the Precious Blood of God.

Kimmell, Indiana

As this book enters its third edition, with a few minor changes and additions, and is translated into other languages, we continue to pray that God will use it to help His people better understand the Atonement.

Malcolm Webber, Ph.D.
Goshen, Indiana


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